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"I'd give Old Capital my highest recommendation. Their attention to detail and ability to carefully manage the financing process from start to finish is second to none. Certainty of execution is the most important attribute for me when I work with a mortgage broker and I feel 100% confident that any deal I work with Old Capital is going to get to the finish line." ... Nick F, Dallas, TX

"I recently had the opportunity to work with the team at Old Capital on a $7,500,000+ Fannie Mae refinance for one of their customers. Dave Walls and his team of professionals were easy to work with and helped insure that the process went smoothly by providing value-added service to all parties in the transaction. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with the Old Capital team." ... Robert J., San Antonio, TX

"I have had the pleasure of doing business with Old Capital for the past 12 years. They have an excellent relationship with us. As seasoned professionals, we appreciate their ability to recognize all aspects involved in a transaction and avoid surprises down the road. Their skill in managing client expectations and keeping lenders happy with complete due diligence files is a key ingredient to getting deals closed. Additionally, their active involvement and execution skills facilitate seamless closings." ... Cheryl H, Dallas, TX

"Few people possess the depth and breadth of real estate, construction, and finance that Reading Overstreet brings to the table. His attention to detail, out of the box wisdom and "let's get it done" work ethic have contributed to a long string of successes in the real estate development and financing arenas. Any company that is focused on real estate acquisition, sales, development or construction would be pleased to call Reading Overstreet a part of their team."... Stuart M, Dallas, TX

"Old Capital made our recent Fannie Mae loan application smooth and seamless. From the initial underwriting to the closing of the deal, they were with us every step of the way. They took the time to understand the project, what we were looking for in a loan, and terms and conditions that were satisfactory to us. I have closed several non recourse mortgages over the years and it has never gone as smooth as it did with Old Capital." ... Craig R, Lincoln, NE

"We have had the distinct pleasure of working with David Walls of Old Capital on two different mortgage closings and both experiences were met with utmost satisfaction. David worked tirelessly to make our experiences painless and simple while achieving the best rates possible and advising us on the various financial document disclosures for an expeditious approval. We experienced no issues and both occasions were handled with the highest degree of professionalism and expertise. I would highly recommend the services of David Walls and Old Capital! ... Mark G, Ft Worth, TX

"Reading and I have worked together in underwriting, asset valuation and preparation of a $1B+ portfolio of non-performing loans which a major financial institution owned and was preparing to sell. Reading, thoughtfully analyzed each piece of every transaction and provided practical recommendations from his background as a lender, equity partner and developer. Reading always demonstrates the utmost integrity, focus on the goals at hand, and sound judgment based on his years of experience in the commercial real estate business. I recommend him with the utmost confidence."... Robert P, Dallas, TX

"Over the last 4 years Paul Peebles & his team at Old Capital has secured over $17,000,000 in loans for my multi-family projects. During the capital market collapse of 2008, they were instrumental in securing loans for my project when some of the more recognizable national brokers couldn't. A successful real estate business is built on having the right relationships and I can confidently say that the Old Capital team are the ones I turn to when needing a project financed. Their knowledge and relationships with the capital markets extend from coast to coast. I can always count on them to provide me with the best financing available. I highly recommend Old Capital for your financing needs." ... Zane D, Dallas, TX

"From the first moment we talked to you, we were made to feel like we were your only client (and we know for a fact that this was far from the truth). Any time we had a question about anything with our loan application our loan representative was available to speak with us or would get back to us in a matter of minutes. At one point we felt we were running into a real show stopper, yet your firms experience in these matters shone through. After a few moments thought, we were calmly suggested a creative solution that not only addressed the problem but actually worked out even better for everyone involved! We're looking at another property now and there's no question in our mind we will definitely be going through Old Capital for our financing. Thanks so very much!" ... Steven G, Plano, TX

"Old Capital and the Senior Loan Director I worked with, helped me every step of the way in the acquisition of my apartment community. They have the ability to coach the first time investor as well as quarterback the most complex of transactions. Old Capital truly goes the extra mile where most others would quit is the place where they shine! My experience was great and I cannot recommend Old Capital highly enough." ... Mac L, Dallas, TX

"Can't say enough about the help and service provided by Old Capital. Being a first time MF purchaser both David and Paul made the entire process as easy as it could have been.  Having them do the leg work on sourcing financing for this project saved a lot of time and aggravation not to mention the great loan they got me.  I would absolutely recommend Old Capital and will be looking to them on my next purchase." ... Bruce P, Austin, TX

"We signed the papers yesterday and waiting for the bank to confirm their wire transfer sometime today, probably in couple of hours time. I very sincerely thank you for all your efforts helping us forming the right group with the right set of guarantors, laying out the details upfront. It made our process with the bank easy. Your efforts throughout the loan process was nothing but outstanding. You played a perfect role helping me personally in terms of changing the wordings in loan docs, explaining the process during rejection of prop mgmt company and on other issues. It was a pleasure working with you and looking forward to working with you again.   Hopefully the wait is not too long!  Thanks again."... Sri S, Plano, TX

"My wife and I recently used Old Capital to find financing for our first multi-family acquisition and we were very pleased with the results. Not only did they come through with an incredible loan, they also bring years of experience to the whole purchase process that just made everything go smoother.  The multi-family purchase process can be complicated; our loan process was much simpler because of OC's expertise allowing us to focus on other issues."... Steve C, Austin, TX

"I have been meaning to take the time and write a formal thank you, but it turns out my hand writing has only gotten more horrendous with age and despite deals closing, time is still a rare commodity. The transaction was a relatively triumphant achievement that would not have happened without your persistence and guidance. You kept us on track every step of the way and quickly connected us with the few people that could make this deal successful.  As a result of the creative deal structure you both helped facilitate, there is now a clear path to this being a successful and profitable investment for all involved.  Looking forward to the next one."... Sean M, Beverly Hills, CA

"I must say that working with you and Old Capital has truly been a pleasure and very positive experience.  As you are aware, I have been listing and selling apartment communities in the North Texas area for almost twenty years now and to the tune of well over 200 transactions.  During the course of my career, I have dealt with various loan brokers and must say your are among the best!  Like I have told you on numerous occasions, you are not only proactive but also very responsive in dealing with all parties and that is rare in the business in my opinion.  Thanks for being a “Deal Maker” and I look forward to many more successful transactions with you and Old Capital Lending."... Pete H, Dallas, TX

"Old Capital helped me create the value necessary to refinance my property. I was really unaware how behind the times I was and that my priorities were not in align with what my residents’ concerns were and the betterment of the property. Old capital suggested we make changes to our Accounting and Management Procedures, while they both cost us a little bit of out of pocket capital, the increased value to the property, more than paid for it! I cannot thank you enough for the time and patience you took in making this happen for us. No one else would have invested the time it took to insure our success, we are truly indebted to you."... Nick V, Garland, TX

"I just completed my first multi-family acquisition, which Paul Peebles from Old Capital helped finance.  Working with Old Capital, and Paul in particular, gave me the extra boost of confidence needed to make such a large investment.  Paul is amazing to work with, has vast knowledge of the industry, very responsive to his client’s need, and has great connections.  He is sharp and yet down to earth and very pleasant to work with.  More than just the loan, I trust Old Capital to provide honest input on investing. I am happy to say that Paul has saved me from making bad investments on other properties that came along, and provided a voice of reason."...Rupa K, Plano, TX

"Paul is one of the hardest working people I have ever met.  His attention to detail, endless contacts, and drive to be successful are what set Paul apart from the rest of the pack. Paul has been a great guide as we have added to our mutli-family portfolio.  He is our go-to guy for financing. As our company grows we will continue to use Old Capital Lending for our financing needs.  They help smooth the process from start to close."...Kenny W, Plano, TX

"It's not often I come across a service provider that actually makes me feel like I should be paying them for their time because their advice is that valuable.  Paul and Old Capital fall into that class.  Paul freely connected me with industry resources as I needed them and advised me selflessly.  My highest recommendations."...Jay F, Plano, TX

"I am a full time professional real estate investor that owns properties in three states.  I have just closed two multi-family loans with Paul Peebles in the last 6 months.  I chose Paul because of his 25 plus years experience in the multifamily loan industry, his professionalism and because it's important to do business with people you like on a personal level.  He has exceeded my expectations on every level. Both loans closed on time, at the interest rate quoted, and the loan expenses quoted.  Paul is an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend you make him a part of your investment team."...Andrew P, Fort Worth, TX

"I really want to thank you and Old Capital for your creativity, ability and expertise in placing this last transaction with the right lender and getting the loan done.  To put it bluntly, you saved our tail on this one!  It's refreshing to work with professionals who do exactly what they say. Thanks so much for helping us out of this bind and completing the deal quickly and efficiently. You rock!" … Jason H, Sacramento, CA

"Old Capital was great to work with.  They were able to help secure the financing needed for my first multi-family purchase and get started off on the right foot.  It was a pleasure working with Old Capital on this transaction and they guided me through a smooth purchase."...Al M. Phoenix, AZ

"I can't say enough good things about Old Capital.  They do what they say they can do.  I've been in commercial real estate and property redevelopment for 13 years and Old Capital is the best.  They went far beyond the call of duty.  They made my loan process a very smooth and painless one.  I highly recommend them."...Jim G. Dallas, TX

"Once again Old Capital came through on their word and executed flawlessly.  I always trust your professional opinion and feel confident when you’re on the deal.  I would be glad to recommend you to any brokers or investors looking for a trustworthy debt source.  Thanks again for your work, I am looking forward to the next one."...Michael W. Dallas, TX

"Thank you for your months of effort in getting Regal Commons funded and closed for us.  We got the deal of century from you and I am very appreciative of that.  Thank you again for your care and skill.   You're helping to change lives."... Will C. Southlake, TX

"Old Capital delivered once again.  Thank you to Old Capital for your timeliness and high level of professionalism in our last transaction. I always feel confident in the execution with Old Capital and look forward to getting our next transaction started with Old Capital."...Jakob A. Dallas, TX

"Old Capital has truly been a great partner to us on our three deals that we closed. As we move towards growing our portfolio in 2014, we hope to continue our relationship with you."...Jacob G. San Antonio, TX

"Working with Paul Peebles at Old Capital was a very pleasant and smooth experience.  He is honest and extremely knowledgeable about the market.  If he says a deal can go through with our financing requirements we feel confident that it can be done.  We consider him a tremendous asset to out business."...Jason C.  Midland, TX &  Bryan B.  Dallas, TX

"We want to thank you so much for getting this refinance done.  Not only was it pretty quick, but painless to boot.  If we need any assistance, you'll be the first one we'll call.  Thank you again, for all the effort and energy that help make this finally happen."...Bill K. Santa Barbara, CA

“Even I after thirty years of brokering exclusively multifamily properties am nervous when a property is handed off to a loan broker to handle the financing component of the transaction. Green Meadow Apartments was a prime example. After several mortgage companies failed in their services to provide the financing that they had proposed, Old Capital Lending in the eleventh hour not only underwrote the property with a loan acceptable to the buyer, but professionally performed the day-to-day, hour-to-hour service required to successfully finance, thus fund and close, this transaction. I have the highest respect for Old Capital Lending.”... Scott H.  Fort Worth, TX